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Chinese diner pays $6,500 after being caught stuffing food into bags at buffet

A diner had to pay 45,000 yuan (around US$6,500) to a buffet restaurant in Guizhou, China, after getting caught stuffing expensive dishes into bags to sneak home.

Food is served at a restaurant in Beijing, China, January 31, 2022. Photo by Reuters
Food is served at a restaurant in Beijing, China, January 31, 2022. Photo by Reuters

The restaurant’s surveillance camera caught the woman surnamed Wen stealing the food at least five times, starting last March. Every time she visited, she ordered the most expensive dishes, including shrimps, salmon, and goose liver, SCMP reports.

She would eat some before packing the remainder in bags under the table, said Chen, the restaurant’s owner.

On one occasion, Wen ordered 45 servings of sweet shrimps priced at 48 yuan each, 20 servings of three salmon sashimi priced at 38 yuan each, and another 140 servings of meat and dessert. Meanwhile, the restaurant charged 218 yuan per person for the buffet.

The restaurant then sued Wen for nearly 45,000 yuan for her five recorded violations of their rule, which says “waste over 100g or takeaway needs to be paid according to the menu pricing.”

Wen initially refused to pay the money. However, after being threatened with legal actions, she agreed to pay.

Earlier this month, a group of seven Chinese eaters sparked online shock as they consumed more than 300 crabs, 80 cups of dessert, 50 cups of durian, and countless prawns and salmon pieces at a buffet restaurant in Shandong, China.

They spent four and a half hours at the eatery, and paid 160 yuan each for the buffet.

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