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Hatchback A-size sales decline in April

Hyundai i10 and Kia Morning, the only cars in the hatchback A-size segment in Vietnam, both saw their sales drop by 25-27% last month.

In April, Hyundai i10 sold 494 units, and Kia Morning sold 124 units.

For the i10, this was the second month in a row its sales dropped, after a peak of 949 units sold in February, although it was still ahead of the Kia Morning.

The two brands have recently been offered at a discount to push sales, but the slowing economy and an apparent shift in customer tastes have made smaller models more unappealing.

In April, the i10 boasted a discount of VND50 million ($2,100), while for the Morning it was VND30 million.

This segment is predicted to be more exciting as Toyota brings back the Wigo this month, and Honda may also return with the Brio.

The new electric mini car Wuling Hongguang MiniEV, manufactured by the General Motors – SAIC – Wuling joint venture from China, will be on sale in Vietnam at the end of this year with TMT Motors as the distributor, and is being considered a dark horse in the segment.

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