Monday, September 25, 2023

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Millionaire-wife TikToker criticized for complaining

Linda Andrade, 23, has raised ire in the netizen community by voicing her dissatisfaction with her millionaire’s wife lifestyle, complaining that she has to travel nonstop and “look perfect 24/7.”

Linda Andrade, 23. Photo from Linda Andrade’s Instagram
Linda Andrade, 23. Photo from Linda Andrade’s Instagram

According to the Daily Mail, on May 15, Andrade, who goes by the name “original Dubai housewife” on TikTok, opened up to her followers about the “worst things about being with a millionaire,” which started with her being “scared of getting robbed.”

She went on to explain that being a millionaire’s wife required her to constantly visit beauty salons and go shopping to maintain her good looks all the time.

Andrade also said that despite being a picky eater she has to eat lots of things she doesn’t like just to be polite.

She also has to “deal with” other women trying to “approach” her husband, and she has to cope with the fact that her husband buys her too many things.

The young woman also said she’s tired of traveling too much.

The video has acquired more than 12 million views since it was posted, however, some of Andrade’s followers are not happy with it. Many left comments saying they wish they had her problems. Some wondered if what she wrote was a satire or not.

“You live in Dubai, no one is going to rob you here, half of Dubai is richer than you so relax,” read one post in the comments section.

Andrade was born in Jordan and is a social media star with over 540,000 followers and 19 million views on her TikTok account. She married her millionaire forex and crypto trader husband, Ricky, at age 19.

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