Sunday, December 3, 2023

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In globalized world, Vietnam should mandate English exam

English will no longer be a compulsory subject in Vietnam’s national high school graduation exam in 2025, and readers don’t see that as a good idea.
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Suspending licenses won’t deter drunk drivers

As HCMC police are operating a grand year-end anti-drunk driving campaign, readers suggested stiffer punishment for violators than license suspension.

My neighbor runs a foul-smelling and noisy dog farm

My neighbors' family raises dozens of dogs for sale, and the smell of feces and urine combined with the ear-splitting barking all day and night caused me so much insomnia that I have had to seek psychological treatment.

Family, an emotional safe haven

Late one evening a parent called me frantically and said: "Teacher, please help my child. He won't listen to me. He wants to quit school and become a hermit."

You may try very hard and still not be able to buy a house in Saigon

You are working hard to buy a house in Saigon, but there are thousands of other people putting in 10 times more effort than you.

Parents need to stop checking their child’s classroom camera every 30 minutes

Everytime we meet, my young mother friends turn on the camera app on their cell phones every now and then to see how the teachers are teaching their children.

The entrepreneurs who have no idea what will hit them

A restaurant is listed for sale with over 300 meters of usable area, two floors of business space and valuable kitchen equipment. I saw the advertisement, knew the story, and was sad.

Home security cameras risk family privacy

Many Vietnamese people have security cameras installed all over their houses, not aware of the risk of personal data breaches.

Sorting a big ask in Vietnam where people dump trash in random places

The most difficult thing I had to do when I first came to live and work in South Korea was throwing away trash.

Drunk driving penalties need to be tougher, more liberal

Vietnam's drunk driving laws will be more reasonable if penalties are progressively severe based on alcohol content and has some tolerance for low levels.

Let’s make pho Vietnam’s ambassador

I have visited dozens of countries to learn about the world business situation after the Covid-19 pandemic.

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