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Vietnamese vice principal abandons post for Korea

A vice principal in Ha Tinh Province in central Vietnam has been fired for abandoning his job and going incommunicado in South Korea.

Vietnamese vice principal abandons post for Korea

Le Van Quynh, 45, vice principal of the Ky Xuan Secondary School, left behind a trail of conflicting stories as to whether he was traveling to find new work, or to seek medical treatment.

On March 9 Quynh submitted a letter to his local school board requesting paid leave, saying he needed to have a medical check-up. The same day, he texted one of his school’s social media groups to say that he was “quitting to find an appropriate job.”

He then sent goodbye messages to his coworkers, according to Ky Anh District authorities.

People tried to contact him but failed.

Quynh’s family told the school board that the vice principal had departed for South Korea to look for a new job, not for a medical check-up.

The school board sent letters to Quynh on three separate occasions asking him to come in for a discussion, but Quynh never showed up. Per a proposal by the school council, the Ky Anh District People’s Committee forced Quynh to quit on June 8, adding that he “violated working regulations.”

Quynh had spent decades in the education sector. His wife is also a teacher at a local middle school.

A government worker who does not come into work for seven days in a month or 20 days in a year, without an appropriate reason, will be forced to quit in accordance with Vietnamese regulations.

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